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ARC is a humanitarian Non governmental Organization dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable children refugees in the field of health and education

Our vision is to build a world in which every displaced child has unlimited access to educational and health facilities

Since our creation we have been working hard to make this vision a reality and thanks to the support of many individuals and organisations we have gone a long way to realize this objective. However, we will not stop until we see the world a better place.

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No amount is small to help a child in need. Help us provide medicine and edution to displaced children

Save Children From Hunger

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Everyday Refugee children die because of malnultrition or outright starvation, Lets stand together and provide needed aid for those who need it the most.

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Feed a Child

providing food and water stands out in the needs of refugee children, with your help we can provide food to most of these children who die as a direct result of starvation

Raised: $1890 Goal: $2500

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Kids Education Book Supplies in Rural Areas

26 Dec
  • 10.00 am
  • Chariot Hotel, Buea

Where There is no Doctor - Training

02 Apr
  • 03.00 PM
  • Yaounde, Cameroon

Our mission

We help refugee children access to Health and Education.

We help these children have acess to free and up to standard health facilities and also provide basic health and hygiene training.

Education is the backbone of any modern society that is why we provide free education to refugee children.

Free Education

Including books and other education materials and trained teachers

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Feed Poor Child

We provide food, water and other basic social amenities to help fight malnutrition and associated illnesses

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Free Medicines

Thanks to your voluntary contributions we also provide free medical care and medicines

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Give Shelter

In most cases refugee children do not even have a shelter, we help provide these

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